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Drivetime Devotions

The purpose of DriveTime Devotions is to help you know God's Word and put it into practice.

Episodes are designed to be listened to once per day, five days a week. That way, you can miss two days each week and still stay on schedule.

We believe it's better to study small sections of God's Word each day instead of a larger section once a week. Studying the Bible is like eating—you'll be healthier if you eat small amounts each day rather than one big meal a week!

As you listen to DriveTime, we encourage you to look for the one thing God's guiding you to do that day.

Jesus taught it's important to not only hear the Word, but act on what you hear. We want to help you live out God's Word in your life and apply its truth daily.

At the end of each episode, we encourage you to spend some time connecting with God in prayer. This seemingly small step can produce great results in your life. This is a ministry of Saddleback Church.

Pray for The Nations

The IMB regularly updates these requests for international missionaries around the world.  Take up an active role in impacting people's eternities globally with these daily prayer requests.

Secret Church

If you're hungry to learn more about our faith, Secret Church will satisfy. There are many ways to get the most out of these 4 hour teachings. Each session offers fill-in-the-blank guides to fill out as you watch the video or listen to the audio. These sessions are best enjoyed with others. Grab some friends as you "take a drink from the firehose" that is Secret Church. This is a ministry of David Platt.

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